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We strive for top-notch quality in all we do, delivering exceptional results.


We embrace creativity and forward-thinking to drive innovative solutions.


We foster strong collaborations, working hand-in-hand with our clients.

About us

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Welcome to TMG, your trusted partner in transportation management solutions. At TMG, we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to optimize your transportation operations and enhance your business efficiency.


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We look forward to doing great things with you anywhere in the world.

Our Core Services


Our billing services streamline your financial processes, ensuring accurate and timely invoicing, payment tracking, and reporting. Focus on your core business while we handle the financial aspects seamlessly.

Business Management

Our experienced business management team works closely with you to identify growth opportunities, forge strategic partnerships, and expand your market presence. Let us help you unlock your business’s potential.


Effective communication is vital in the transportation industry. Our comprehensive communication solutions keep your teams connected, enhance collaboration, and enable real-time information sharing.


Optimize your fleet operations with our advanced fleet management services. We provide end-to-end solutions, including vehicle tracking, maintenance scheduling, fuel optimization, and driver performance monitoring.


Our HR services cater specifically to the transportation industry. From recruitment and onboarding to training and compliance, we help you build and manage a skilled workforce, ensuring smooth operations.


Mitigate risks and protect your business or organization. We identify potential hazards, implement robust safety protocols, and provide ongoing support to minimize operational disruptions and ensure compliance.


Our marketing services helps build brand awareness, and attract new customers. With our industry expertise and creative strategies, we ensure that your transportation services stand out in a competitive marketplace.


Our creative services encompass graphic design, branding, and content creation, tailored to the unique needs of the transportation industry. Elevate your visual identity and engage your target audience with our creative expertise.


Our specialized recruitment solutions source top talent for the transportation industry, while our retention strategies foster engagement, reducing turnover, and ensuring operational continuity and productivity.

Get to know our executives

  • Emil Bejgu

    Founder & CEO

    Driven by his passion for improving the lives of others, Emil set out to create a company that exceeded expectations in every aspect. He prioritized safety, quality,...

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  • Tommy Davis

    Vice President

    Tommy's dedication to fostering a supportive and empowering work environment is evident in his interactions with TMG's employees. He values their contributions and actively...

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  • Monique Anderson

    Executive Assistant

    My commitment to exceptional customer service is matched only by the compassion I extend to each interaction.

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  • Rosa Rojas

    Director of Human Resources

    Rosa's extensive experience, unwavering commitment, and strategic insights make her an invaluable asset to the TMG team. As the Human Resources Director, she plays a...

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  • Remus P. Bleahu Jr.

    Director of Creative Operations

    Remus's creativity knows no bounds, and he consistently pushes the boundaries of what is possible. His innovative thinking and strategic approach enable him to develop...

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  • Austin Covington

    Director of Risk Management

    Beyond his professional accomplishments, Austin is a devoted family man and has raised five sons. He embraces adventure and has lived in 22 states and countries, immersing...

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  • Dan Davis

    Director of Business Development

    With his extensive experience, genuine dedication, and passion for excellence, Dan Davis continues to make significant contributions to the healthcare sales field...

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  • Jose Villa

    Director of Transportation

    Born in Mexico and raised in Las Vegas, NV, Jose has always embraced his cultural heritage while embracing the vibrant atmosphere of his hometown. He proudly attended...

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