Jose VillaDirector of Transportation

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Jose Villa is an invaluable member of the TMG team, currently serving as the Fleet Director. With five years of experience with the company, Jose has shown remarkable growth and expertise in various roles, including driver, trainer, driver supervisor, and fleet manager.

Before joining GMTCare, Jose spent 15 years honing his culinary skills as a cook. His passion for creating delicious meals translated into his dedication to providing exceptional service and care to TMG’s fleet operations.

Born in Mexico and raised in Las Vegas, NV, Jose has always embraced his cultural heritage while embracing the vibrant atmosphere of his hometown. He proudly attended Rancho High School and remains a proud supporter of the Rancho community. Go Rancho!

Outside of his professional endeavors, Jose finds joy in traveling with his family and indulging in the adventure of camping. These hobbies reflect his love for creating meaningful memories with loved ones and appreciating the beauty of nature.

Jose’s dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellence have made him an integral part of the TMG team. As Fleet Director, he brings a wealth of experience, a passion for service, and a genuine desire to ensure the smooth operation of TMG’s fleet.

With Jose’s leadership and expertise, TMG continues to thrive in providing reliable and efficient transportation services. His strong work ethic, combined with his personal touch, leaves a lasting impact on the company and the community it serves.

TMG is fortunate to have Jose Villa as a vital member of the team, and his contributions are instrumental in maintaining the company’s commitment to exceptional care and service.

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