Emil BejguFounder & CEO

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Emil Bejgu, Founder & CEO of TMG, is a visionary leader in the transportation industry. Recognizing the growing need for reliable, safe, and affordable transportation.

Driven by his passion for improving the lives of others, Emil set out to create a company that exceeded expectations in every aspect. He prioritized safety, quality, cleanliness, and comfort, ensuring that TMG’s fleet of vehicles met the highest standards.
Emil’s commitment to exceptional customer service led him to assemble a team of friendly and trained staff members who go above and beyond to assist passengers with their specific needs. Under his leadership, TMG has become synonymous with trust, reliability, and compassionate care.

Today, TMG is one of the largest Transportation Management Companies in Nevada, a testament to Emil’s visionary approach and unwavering dedication. With a legacy built on integrity and a genuine desire to serve the community, Emil Bejgu continues to lead TMG in its mission to provide reliable, safe, and high-quality transportation services. His vision and commitment have made a lasting impact on the industry and the lives of countless individuals who rely on TMG’s exceptional care.

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    At TMG, we are dedicated to revolutionizing transportation management. Together, we’ll navigate the road to success with unmatched expertise and innovation.

    Emil Bejgu
    CEO, TMG