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Rosa brings over two decades of valuable experience in the transportation industry to her role as the Human Resources Director at TMG. With an impressive background working for renowned companies such as GMTCare, ODS worldwide chauffeured transportation, and Frias Transportation, Rosa has cultivated a deep understanding of various facets of operations, human resources, safety, workman’s comp, staffing, recruitment, employee relations, fleet management, employee benefits, and payroll.

Throughout her career, Rosa has demonstrated a remarkable ability to direct administrative functions with precision and efficiency. She excels in mediating disputes and providing strategic advice to managers, offering invaluable guidance in navigating complex employment matters. Her expertise in handling human resources-related challenges has contributed to fostering a harmonious work environment and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Raised in the vibrant city of San Fernando Valley, California, Rosa pursued her higher education at Los Angeles Mission College in Sylmar, California. After years of dedication and hard work, she established herself as a respected professional in the transportation field.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Rosa cherishes her life in Las Vegas, where she resides with her husband and daughter. During her downtime, she finds joy in watching basketball and football, immersing herself in the excitement of these sports.

Rosa’s extensive experience, unwavering commitment, and strategic insights make her an invaluable asset to the TMG team. As the Human Resources Director, she plays a pivotal role in ensuring a positive work environment and providing essential support to both employees and management. Her passion for fostering strong employee relations and her dedication to driving organizational success make Rosa an integral part of the TMG family.


  • TEVVO, Romania

    Client – Tevvo, Address: Anchor Plaza, Bd. Timișoara 26Z, București 061331, Romania

    March 1, 2024

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